Renaming the images

Once the images have all been rendered you should have a regular folder, filled with numbered images. The script will then help you rename them into a certain pattern object2vr can understand.


Rendered output with numbered images

You then pick the folder where the images are and pick the filetype to look for. Then specify the number of columns and rows the original rig had. If you don’t remember anymore, just pick the rig you rendered with. The script will read the correct settings. Finally press the Rename… button.

The renamer uses a pattern to rename the images. You can just use the default pattern. Only change this if you know what you’re doing. Later on we’ve got to match up the 3ds Max pattern to the name-pattern in object2VR. I’m assuming you don’t change the naming pattern in 3ds Max for the sake of this tutorial.


Rename a folder of images


Match the number of columns and rows when renaming


The images are renamed into a column-row pattern