Camera rig

The process starts with the camera rig. It is arranged in such a way that it’s compatible with the way object2vr needs it. By default the rig has a standard camera attached. But you can easily replace it with any other camera.


Create a new camera rig

If you’ve already created a camera rig, you can acquire its settings by picking it from the scene. Make sure to pick the center helper. that object contains all the settings.


Pick an existing rig

Rig settings

The rig has several settings to increase or decrease the number of images of the sphere. It’s also possible to slice it. This is useful if you only want to show the top hemisphere for instance. Or you can slice just the top and bottom if you don’t want to show those parts. It’s easy to play with the settings and see the effect directly in the viewport.


Radius, columns and rows


Slicing the sphere

This live example shows only images from the front of the engines